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Aca on the Mountain is a one day  A Cappella Festival event with workshops, masterclasses and MORE!
Coming...Fall 2024
Saturday Festival
9:00 a.m.-
5:00 p.m.
Final Concert Event- 4p.m

Registration cost is $300 per group and includes all events!  You will receive a receipt for online payment or an invoice and payment information after you register your group.
Individuals can register for the festival for $50 if not attending with a group.


Several class options are available in each block of classes.  You may want to consider dividing your group up so members of your group can attend each class. Share what you learned later with each other!


If your group would like a private clinic with our guest professionals be sure to indicate that on your registration form, and you will be scheduled.  The clinic will be just for your group/ directors.  Be ready with the music/ staging you would like help with.  Ask lots of questions and let the pros help you get to a new level!


Saturday Performance blocks will be scheduled on a first-come first-served basis.  The groups who register and request to give a mainstage performance first will have priority. Each group should plan to sing 2 songs to allow as many groups as possible an opportunity to perform.  Please be ready for your performance- be in the holding area 10 minutes before!   The incredible Tony Huerta will be mixing you for your performances!  Sing on the AcaPop stage if you don't get a spot here.

\\ACAPop Performances

Aca What?   Sing a song or two at the AcaPop stage outside the auditorium between classes or clinics...just for fun!  Groups will be scheduled- so check the schedule for your group's spot, and gather an audience.


There's not a huge amount of time for lunch. We will have some food options here, and there is fast food nearby. Bring some cash for on campus food and merch.



YOUR ACA ON THE MOUNTAIN group registration gets you in to everything for the event!

The concert blocks are open for the public to attend. Tickets-$10.

Let all of your FANS know about concert events, and invite them to come and watch.

\\ACCESS Passes

When you check in at the start of the festival all group members/ directors will receive an all access PASS that allows you in to all events of the day.


All participants need to enter Aca on the Mountain through the main door- front entry to Cheyenne Mountain High School.  Be sure you have a photo ID with you.




We will have water and lots of snacks available to purchase throughout the festival day.




There will be some merchandise available for purchase at the event. Bring some cash for fun stickers, shirts and more.

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